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The Business Visibility Builderâ„¢ (BVB) is for businesses that have achieved traditional success and need fresh marketing innovations to evolve current strategies to new ways of attracting customers and boosting online influence.

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The Business Visibility Builder dispels some common myths…

Myth #1: Social Media = Facebook and YouTube
Social Media is a conglomeration of all kinds of media including social networking, video, audio and written forms that allow businesses to reach your potential customers.

Myth #2: All SEO programs are the same.
The BVB has dissected all elements of Online Marketing to bare bones, and drew on extensive experience, to repackaged these elements to ensure a comprehensive program.

Myth #3: Online Marketing will require enormous effort on your part
The Business Visibility Builderâ„¢ assumes the burden of your online marketing campaign and takes the stress and mystery of boosting your Online Influence.